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Castillo de San Juan de Los Terreros

Moving to Spain

Moving to Spain

Why would I be moving to Spain you may ask? Well, after 22 years living in Co. Fermanagh and enjoying life in the quiet Irish countryside I was ready to enjoy some sunshine. If you’ve read the book, A Heart for Running, then you will already know this. The medication I will be on for the remainder of my days has left me feeling cold, even in somewhat mild weather. At least I think it’s the medication. Enniskillen isn’t exactly well known for it’s temperate climate and, well, I’m just always freezing. When normal humans are out walking around in a t-shirt and shorts, I’ll be covered in a warm hoodie and jeans. It’s just not comfortable and it doesn’t offer any appeal, especially now that I’ve been given a second chance on this ride.

Moving to Spain is a logical decision. I spent quite a bit of time in the country and always enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle it offers. Additionally, the cost of living is considerably less, allowing for Roisin and I the opportunity to make the most of things while we are still young enough. It gives us the opportunity to chase a happier existence, full of sun, and devoid of the stresses of the daily grind.

Cheif Pondering his Move to Spain
Chief pondering his future
Moving to Spain San Juan de Los terreros
San Juan de Los Terreros
Moving to Spain on the boat back to Espana
Brittany Ferries trip to Bilbao
Moving to Spain Gran Alicant
Gran Alicant

Moving to Spain – The Work/Life Balance

Moving to Spain has allowed Roisin and I to get a much better grasp of the work/life balance. Whereas in the past the work week was filled with stress and tight schedules leaving only enough time to get some running done. OK, maybe a lot of running. But I think you know what I mean. I knew it was time for a change when working my last job because I was getting the Monday morning blues…on Friday afternoon!  Weekends went by in the blink of an eye. 

Moving to Spain has afforded us a much better quality of life. These days we make our own work schedule. We can take the time to walk down to the beach, stop for a coffee, and overall enjoy an outdoor life in the sun. Life simply has a brighter feel to it when the sun is shining as it does here most of the time. In the first three months travelling around, we’ve had 4 hours of rain. Granted, we could probably do with some more rainfall, but coming from Ireland, this is a nice change.

Seeing More of The World

Since taking the first steps over to this beautifully rugged country we’ve driven some serious miles. We’ve spent time in quite a few places. Now, a few of these places happened to be where our car broke down and we needed a hotel, but still. It’s great to see the world. Moving to Spain has given us the opportunity to experience new things. We’ve spent time in San Juan de Los Terreros, Salinas, Benajarafe, Granada, Lerma, and Malaga. In addition we’ve driven the entire length from top to bottom of this vast country on a couple of occasions.

From Ireland to Wales, England and Spain, Roisin, Chief and I have had quite the experience. Trains, taxies, boats, busses, as well as one very unreliable automobile, have played their part in our journey. They should make a movie about that, eh? We’ve also had the opportunity to tack on countless miles on our feet walking, hiking and of course, running. 

Moving to Spain Salinas Mountains

Moving to Spain – The People

Moving to Spain gives us the chance to meet new and interesting people. The south of the country is full of a wide range of folks from all walks of life. People from all over Europe and further afield. As we stay in different AirBnB’s for a short period, our hosts have all been wonderfully helpful and remarkably nice. 

The People of San Juan de Los Terreros

Corrine and Bernard, our French national hosts in San Juan de Los Terreros were so helpful in offering advice on the process and pitfalls of moving to Spain. Also in San Juan we met neighbours Michael and Di, from the UK, who have decided to spend their retirement in Spain. These two have become friends who we visit and spend time with on occasion. 

The People of Salinas

Lorraine and Peter, our British hosts in Salinas, couldn’t have been more helpful in helping us find a mechanic, a barbers, as well as local shops and restaurants. I’d be remiss to forget Adrian, the mechanic in Salinas, who went above and beyond to get our car back up and running safely. There was also our Spanish language tutor, Jorge, who was extremely patient with his pupils. One last name to mention was our saviour, Emilio, who saw us walking back along a busy main road in forty degree weather. He stopped and offered us a very welcomed lift the 5k back home. 

The People of Benajarafe

Salvador, our host in Benajarafe, has been such a big help when our car broke down once again. Salvador made phone calls and arranged a recovery vehicle to lift the car and bring it to a mechanic. This, despite us being 7 hours north of where he is from. Also in Benajarafe, we’ve met Tony, another quirky gentleman from the UK. He met Roisin one night while they were out walking the dogs. Tony’s dog, Henry, is more like a horse, but a lovely, gentle horse. Tony has proven to be quite the character and full of chat.

My Move to Spain – A Challenge to You

The lesson learned here is to do something, even something small to change things up a bit. We all get stuck in a rut in life. Moving to Spain was my method of dealing with the “same old thing”. Do something to bring a little more joy to your life. We only go around this planet once. Find something that makes you happy and do more of it. Get yourself un-stuck. Get off the treadmill of life. We hear it all the time, but how many of us follow this advice. 

It’s never too late and you are never “stuck” in any situation. There’s always an off-ramp into something more positive. The key message I want to leave with you is to do something to today that will lead you to doing more of the things that make you smile. For me it was moving to Spain and finding the sunshine. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you will do or what you have done to bring more joy to your life. Please comment below and share your experience or your plans. 

hiking in san juan
Hiking in San Juan de Los Terreros
moving to spain - are we there yet
Buckled In - "Are we there yet?"
moving to spain - the car fiasco
That time our car broke down - again 🙁

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