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Sweet Chilli Turkey Bowl

This is a simple recipe that is great for adding lean protein and complex carbohydrates.  Perfect for a post run meal and simply packed with what your body needs.

225g turkey breast mince
150g cooked basmati rice
45g diced carrots
45g diced onions
45g sweet chilli sauce

This provides the following:
560 kcals
62g Protein
68g Carbohydrates
4.5g of fat

Instructions:  I like to soften the carrots for a few minutes first in the frying pan, or par boil before adding, and then add the onions and turkey mince.  You can use an olive oil spray to keep the ingredients from sticking without adding a large amount of kcals or fat.  

Cook the basmati rice separately and individually pack your meal prep bowls as above and top with sweet chilli sauce.  

Quick and easy with all the macros you need.

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