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Manchester Marathon Finish

2024 Manchester Marathon

The 2024 Manchester Marathon TrainingI made the decision to bypass my second run in Boston for a more local event at the 2024 Manchester Marathon. A third trip to Boston in one year seemed too much of an expense so that was the logic behind that decision. I ran Manchester back in 2022 and…

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2023 Valencia Marathon Finish

2023 Valencia Marathon

The 2023 Valencia Marathon I heard a lot of good things about the 2023 Valencia Marathon in the months leading up to it, and boy, did it deliver. This one will go down as one of my top 5 most enjoyable marathons. What wasn't to like? The expo, the organisation, the course, the crowds,…

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valencia marathon lowered expectations

Valencia Marathon – Lowered Expectations

Valencia Marathon Lowered ExpectationsMy training for the Valencia Marathon did not go as planned and I've lowered my expectations. Why, well I have a thousand excuses. I moved to a new country. I'm living out of a camper van. I caught Covid early in the training cycle and it stuck with me for 9…


London Marathon 2023 Race Report

The Lead Up to the London Marathon 2023The 16 week block of training for the 2023 London Marathon began on January 2nd. Following on from two months' rest after the Dublin Marathon, where I ran a relatively comfortable 3:01, my fitness was lacking. My lower back had been bothering me when running since I…

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Dublin Marathon 2022

Dublin Marathon 2022

The Dublin Marathon 2022 was once again an amazing experience. The date of the marathon coincides with my birthday each year, at the end of October. I enjoy both events every year with equal enthusiasm, and have since 2013.  Well, maybe I like the marathon slightly more. The only exceptions were the virtual runs…

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Berlin marathon Brandenburg Gate

Berlin Marathon 2022

I deferred my Berlin Marathon place from 2021, when I had two torn adductors holding me back. I made it to the start line in 2022 almost in one piece. Coming off two consecutive marathon Personal Bests earlier in the year, I had no real expectations for this one. Although, we all want to run our…


Kildare Thoroughbred Marathon 2022

I ran the Manchester Marathon on the 3rd of April 2022 with a finishing time of 3:00:29. Many runners chasing a sub three marathon time would be gutted with that result. However, I missed nine months of running in 2021 due to having two torn adductor tendons. When I started back to running in…


Manchester Marathon 2022

The Manchester Marathon in 2022 hit all the right notes. I came off an injury riddled 2021, where I missed 9 months of training due to two torn adductor tendons. I put together a 16 week Return From Injury programme for myself which began, very gently, in mid-December 2021.  Realistically the first three weeks…

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