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Week 15 Training For The London Marathon

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Just a couple of things to start with. Before reading about my week 15 training for the London Marathon, you should start at the beginning. To read the opening story about my training for the London Marathon please start here or click on the links for the previous week’s training updates. Secondly, I’d love to hear what you are training for, how it is going and any questions you may have. Please comment below.

Week 15 Training for the London Marathon

Week 15 training for the London Marathon was eventful to say the least. It included some really good runs and some interesting interactions. The week also consisted of some variable weather that even makes this New Englander scratch his head. As I have some athletes running in Manchester, it meant a few coffee meet-ups as well. It isn’t always about being outside and punishing one’s body. Sometimes it’s about discussing race day strategy, last minute advice, and a general dose of positivity.

I ventured into TikTok this week. Yikes! This is not my cup of tea, but I realise it has to be done. Self-promotion is a very uncomfortable activity for me. That may be hard to believe about someone blogging about his every run. But it is true. 

My back is still bothering me, but I’m continuing to do the McKenzie Method and yoga. Other than that, my weight is down and I’m feeling strong, fast and healthy. I’m ready to get this one done and put the feet up for a few weeks. The next update will be the London Marathon post-mortem. I firmly believe I can sneak in under 2:55, so let’s hope the marathon gods play ball.


Monday was supposed to be a rest day. However, my daughter was still here and she and my wife both had a few miles to do. We went for a 5 miler around town before going for lunch. This was a gentle pace for all of us, so it was enjoyable. I also got a much needed sports massage later that evening. 


Tuesday’s run was planned for a 22 miler. I left from the house before the worst of the weather began. However, it wasn’t too long before the wind picked up and the rain pelted down. At about mile 16 I found myself on a quiet back road. A large John Deere, (I think), turned onto the road with a massive slurry tanker on the back. I’m assuming he was on his phone and not just a hater of runners. He put me off the road as he went by me. There was no other cars anywhere near us, but he was within a foot of the side of the road I was on, and I had to jump into the grass verge. 

Obviously, I was not pleased, but what can you do. I carried on, a little shaken, and finished up into the cold, windy, rain. That was my 22 miler done. This was my second to last long run in the bag. Later on Tuesday evening, I had a reflexology session. There are few things more relaxing and that certainly helped after that day.


Wednesday was the second of back-to-back 20 milers. This time I went into town and ran 13 miles on my own before meeting a friend for my last 7. He is taking part in the Boston Marathon, less than a week away from this day. So we took it as a gentle wee shake out for both of us.

As this was my last long run on the plan before the race, I told myself if I felt anything uncomfortable, I would stop. This was more or less a mental session more than a physical for me. So the first 15 went great and with company I ran along a nice wee path along the River Erne. We came across a young woman out with her two daughters and walking her dog on a lead. As we went by, the dog came at me, ran between my legs, turned and bit me on the back of my leg. It was up high on the hamstring. 

Fortunately, it didn’t break the skin, but it did leave me with a nice bruise for my troubles. I had every intention of making sure nothing went wrong on this run. There was nothing in the thought process about getting bit by a dog. Still, we finished the run with the last 20 miler in the bag. Happy days.


Thursday of my week 14 training for the London Marathon a rest day. A much needed rest day after clocking up 72 miles in the previous 5 days. I did get out for a 3 mile walk at Jenkin Forest with Chief. 


On Friday, it was a 5 mile steady run. It turned into a really nice, pacy run with an average pace of 6:53/mile. This was the first time I ran with music. As someone who has never tried it, I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from those who do. I found it OK, but it would definitely take some getting used to. I’m not 100% sure if it helped my pace or cadence. This will take some more research. I did find the run hard, and was pleased when it was done. 


Saturday was parkrun day. I showed up a little later than I like to be and only had a short warm up. That said, I felt good. I felt very light on my feet. As I prepared for leaving the house, I decided to wear a pair of Nike’s that have seen better days. These were actually nearly in the bin a few weeks ago. At the end of the day, they will still be good for the odd turn in the shoe rotation.  

I ran a very positive parkrun. Its funny how some days you just feel good. My previous personal best time at this particular parkrun was 19:58. The day I ran that time, I pushed hard the whole way. It was the hardest 19:58 I’ve ever run. This Saturday morning, I ran a 19:26 and it wasn’t near the level of exertion. That’s a good indication of where I’m at. Trust me, I know a 19:26 5k doesn’t translate to a sub 2:55 marathon. However, one needs to know this course. It is not a particularly good indicator of one’s 5k time. But it is a great place to gauge fitness if you run it consistently.

Sunday Runday

Week 15 training for the London Marathon finished off with a medium/long run. It was supposed to be 13 miles, but I cut it short at 10 miles as I felt it was enough on the day. I went out on my own, but met a friend on route. We ran about 9 miles together and the time and miles just cruised on by. 

Week 15 Training for the London Marathon Metrics:

The numbers from week 15 are looking pretty good. I’ve been lacking some discipline in the kitchen, but it hasn’t come to bite me. My weight is down another 1.6 pounds, which is great. Especially when taking into account my protein and water intake is up for the week. Heart rate is the same at 44 bpm and my sleep is slightly worse, but not a problem. It was another solid week mileage wise and my body will benefit greatly from this 10-day taper.

Upcoming Week 16 Training for the London Marathon:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 miles easy
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 miles easy with strides
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest (maybe 1 or 2 miles in London)
Sunday: London Marathon Race Day

Week 15 Metrics:

Friday Weigh-in: 152 lbs (- 1.6 lbs)
Average Resting HR: 44 bpm (-1 bpm)
Average Nightly Sleep: 6:59 (-17 mins)
Average Daily Protein: 152 g (+ 21 g/day)
Average Daily Water: 3214ml ( + 607ml)
Total Weekly Miles: 65.97 miles

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training for the tcs london marathon
Running with Mal in Castle Coole
Running with Mal in Castle Coole
Fermanagh Sunset
Chief at Jenkin Forest
Chief and Ruby
Chief and Ruby

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