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Week 12 Training For The London Marathon

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Just a couple of things to start with. Before reading about my week 12 training for the London Marathon, you should start at the beginning. To read the opening story about my training for the London Marathon please start here or click on the links for the previous week’s training updates. Secondly, I’d love to hear what you are training for, how it is going and any questions you may have. Please comment below.

Week 12 Training for the London Marathon

Week 12 training for the London Marathon was a much needed and fully appreciated low load week. A total weekly mileage of only 45 miles on the plan felt relatively easy. It felt particularly easy after the 72 miles in week 11. Although I’m still standing and got some easier days, my body is starting to feel its age. I’ll hit the age of 55 later this year and after 12 weeks of dedicated training, I’m feeling it. My lower back that plagued my Berlin run has reared its head. It’s not quite serious, but it’s not great either. All the yoga and stretching hasn’t put it behind me anyway.

I’m also feeling the miles in the glutes, hips and my feet as well. Thankfully, the race is only 4 weeks away. I did get a sports massage on Monday of this week, but I am going to need some extra attention soon. One of the things I will say about this week is that my easy runs are getting faster. Not because I’m working harder, but because I’m coming into better shape. The training is working, full stop.


After 31 miles the day before, this rest day was the only thing for it. I did get a sports massage which certainly went a long way. Additionally, there was a 3 mile walk with Chief. Overall, this was a good recovery day.


Once again, my Tuesday running partner joined me for 6 easy miles around town. We both commented on the pace being in the low 7:30’s. It’s a great sign of fitness when the easy runs get a little pacy and still feel easy. This wasn’t a great week of weather, but we managed to get this one done in the best part of the day. 


Wednesday was supposed to be a steady run. It was a steady run, for the day that was in it. This solo run in town took place in awful conditions. It was cold, wet and windy. No big surprise there. I only managed a 7:49/mile pace, but still, it was done and that was steady that day.


Thursday of my week 12 training for the London Marathon was a 5 mile easy run. I decided that Crocknagrally was the spot for this. It’s a very hilly, stony course, so it’s a slower pace than on the road, but I do like it up there.


Friday was the second rest day of the week. The only thing I did get done was the 30 minutes of yoga. Otherwise, I was at my desk the entire day.


Saturday called for parkrun + 3 miles. I didn’t get to parkrun as there was an early morning pickup at the airport. Roisin and I managed another run up at Crocknagrally. It was another bad day of rain, but we got the best break in the weather for our run. Maybe my luck is changing?

Sunday Runday

Week 12 training for the London Marathon finished off with the long slow run. However, I have one of my sons home for the weekend and wanted to get it done. The pace ended up being a very comfortable 7:34/mile, which isn’t exactly long slow run pace, but still easy enough. 

Week 12 Training for the London Marathon Metrics:

The numbers from week 12 look very similar to Week 11. There was no change in weight or heart rate. This is fine, there is time for those to come down. A slight improvement in protein, water and sleep are all good indicators of a decent week. 

Upcoming Week 13 Training for the London Marathon:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5 miles temp @ 6:30/mile
Wednesday: 12 miles easy
Thursday: 6 miles AM + 6 miles PM
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Parkrun + 6
Sunday: 22 miles LSD

Week 12 Metrics:

Friday Weigh-in: 155.8 lbs (-)
Average Resting HR: 46 bpm (-)
Average Nightly Sleep: 7:05 (+ 10 mins)
Average Daily Protein: 141 g (+ 14 g/day)
Average Daily Water: 3857 ml ( + 286 ml )
Total Weekly Miles: 47.38 miles

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